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ECO CRAZE - 8" Jumbo Straws - Paper - Black - 8mm

ECO CRAZE - 8" Jumbo Straws - Paper - Black - 8mm

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"Eco-Craze - 8" Jumbo Straws - Paper - Black - 8mm" describes a specific type of drinking straw. Here's a breakdown of the description:

- **Eco-Craze**: The brand or product line name, suggesting a focus on eco-friendly or sustainable products.
- **8" Jumbo Straws**: Indicates the length and type of the straws. These are jumbo-sized straws, measuring 8 inches in length.
- **Paper**: Specifies the material of the straws. In this case, they are made from paper, which is biodegradable and compostable.
- **Black**: Denotes the color of the straws.
- **8mm**: Refers to the diameter of the straws, which is 8 millimeters. This diameter is suitable for thicker drinks like smoothies or milkshakes.

Paper straws are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, which are harmful to the environment. They are commonly used in various food and beverage establishments that aim to reduce their environmental footprint.
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