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Eco-Craze - 7" Wooden Stir Sticks

Eco-Craze - 7" Wooden Stir Sticks

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"Eco-Craze - 7" Wooden Stir Sticks" refers to a type of eco-friendly stirring utensil commonly used in beverage service. Here's a breakdown of the description:

- **Eco-Craze**: This likely indicates the brand or product line name, emphasizing an eco-friendly or environmentally conscious aspect.
- **7"**: Specifies the length of each wooden stir stick, which is 7 inches.
- **Wooden Stir Sticks**: Describes the material and purpose of the product. These are small sticks made from wood, typically used for stirring coffee, tea, or other beverages.

Wooden stir sticks are favored for their biodegradable nature and are often used as an alternative to plastic stirrers, contributing to sustainability efforts in various food and beverage establishments. They are disposable and commonly found in cafes, restaurants, and offices where hot beverages are served.
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