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Unihill Distributors Inc

UHD Hand Wrap - 18" x 80G x 1500ft

UHD Hand Wrap - 18" x 80G x 1500ft

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"UHD Hand Wrap - 18" x 80G x 1500ft" describes a specific type of hand wrap or manual stretch film with the following specifications:

- **Brand:** UHD
- **Type:** Hand wrap, indicating it's intended for manual application.
- **Width:** 18 inches
- **Thickness:** 80 gauge
- **Length:** 1500 feet

This type of hand wrap is typically used for wrapping and securing pallets, bundling items together, or protecting goods during transit or storage. The 80 gauge thickness suggests it offers a moderate level of strength and durability, suitable for a variety of packaging needs. The 1500-foot length indicates it comes in a large roll, suitable for frequent use in commercial or industrial settings.

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